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3/8 x 10 Pool Cue Shaft with Kamui Tip Black Collar 13mm with FREE Shipping

McDermott Pool Cue 3/8 x 10 Shaft. Black Collar with Kamui Tip Installed. Kamui Medium (Soft Options available upon request). Shaft: Hard rock maple. Joint: Flat faced wood to wood joint with 3/8 x 10 pin. The wood to wood joint with surface contact delivers a natural feel and solid hit. Heavy gauge rolled stainless […]

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2 Pool Cues Used Condition (Dufferin, Mcdermott)

2 Pool Cues in used condition. One is a Dufferin D1957. The other one i believe is a Mcdermott though information on it is sparse online. The logo is different from Mcdermotts usual makes from what i could find out but one post did confirm a pool cue with the same logo was indeed still […]

Pool Cue McDamotte Vintage Billiard Cue

Pool Cue McDamotte Vintage Billiard Cue. It is a billiard cue of McDamot. Used 20 years ago. There are three Indian decorations and it looks cool. Breedlove There is a bleed love mark. I had wrapped it in newspaper in a closet. I think that the shaft has some distortion. There is no big dirt […]